19 November 2020




Scars are the result of a completely natural skin process, but it is still possible to improve their appearance. To this end, it is essential to take proper care of them during the postoperative process. In this article, we explain how to get rid of scars after breast surgery in three simple steps.

1 Choose a suitable postoperative bra

For proper recovery after undergoing a breast surgery, it is essential to wear an appropriate postoperative bra. Since this garment will constantly be in contact with the treated skin, it is very important that the materials are certified. Furthermore, apart from offering the right compression, they also need to be extremely comfortable.

Postoperative bra Revée® Elodie Bra

For our bras, in fact, we use hypoallergenic materials, which are free of harmful and toxic substances. Therefore, by opting for our postoperative bras, you will minimize the risk of infections and inflammation during your recovery after surgery. Our models will be appropriate even after undergoing radiotherapy, when the skin is very compromised.

But there is more! Revée® postoperative garments are made only of certified materials. This ensures that they are free of harmful substances, thus preventing any allergic reactions.

2 Take good care of your personal hygiene

In order for the postoperative recovery to go smoothly and the surgery to offer the desired results, it is essential to take maximum care of your personal hygiene. In addition to the standard body hygiene, this also implies that the clothing in contact with the wound at first —and the scars afterwards— must always be clean. In the case of breast surgery, it is normally recommended to wear only postoperative bras for about 6 to 8 weeks, 24/7. To ensure that they are always clean, it is therefore necessary to have at least two compression bras. This way, while you wash one, you can wear the other, avoiding being without it for too long.

This aspect is of great importance: if these garments are not completely clean they could lead to inflammations in the area of the scars and unwanted complications.

3 Massage the scars with silicone-based products

 First things first: Never take the initiative on your own and always contact your doctor. Bearing this warning in mind, numerous studies show that regularly massaging the area of scars greatly contributes to improving the tissue in question and to facilitating its healing process. The recommendation is to start massaging the area about two weeks after surgery or as soon as the wound has completely healed, depending on the case. It is also advisable to use only 100%-medical-silicone-based products on scars, as they are clinically tested and significantly improve the appearance of the wound. In fact, silicone has been shown to lighten, soften and make scar tissue more uniform.

Also, if you combine a compression garment like Revée postoperative bras and a silicone gel like Revée Scar Gel, you can reduce the risk of developing annoying hypertrophic scars and keloids.

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Revée offers a wide range of postoperative compression garments to ensure the right level of compression, without sacrificing comfort or beauty. Trust our know-how.

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