18 December 2020




Do you feel that childbirth has left its mark and nostalgically remember the body you used to have before you got pregnant? First of all, be aware that you are in good company. Many women feel just the same as you do.

For this reason, today we want to share with you Rachel’s experience, a 39-year-old mother of two wonderful twins.

Although she has always been a sports fan, she suffered from diastasis recti during her pregnancy. This phenomenon is quite natural during pregnancy and consists in the separation of the abdominal muscles. In her case, however, postpartum recovery was taking longer than expected and she was ashamed of her physical appearance.

This is how she made the decision to undergo an abdominoplasty, i.e. a surgical operation that restored her confidence and that she doesn’t regret at all.

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Rachel, what made you decide for your abdominoplasty?

There are various reasons. First of all, my health: mine was a twin pregnancy and Luca and Marco were delivered by C-section. Unfortunately, I was unable to get rid of diastasis recti after pregnancy even with the help of a physiotherapist and targeted exercises.

The second reason is aesthetic. After this twin birth, I lost 21 kg in about a year, which resulted in an unsightly excess of skin on the belly. The bikini challenge became traumatic; I was ashamed of my body and avoided going to the beach or at least getting undressed for several years. After my pregnancy, I started doing a lot of sports. However, I didn’t feel confident because of my diastasis recti, fearing it would cause more damage. For this, a year and a half after giving birth, I contacted a doctor.

With hindsight, would you undergo an abdominoplasty again?

Without the shadow of a doubt. I must say that I am very satisfied with the surgery. However, I want to be honest: at the beginning I had many doubts and constant second thoughts because I was very worried about the postoperative recovery. During this period, in fact, I couldn’t get out of bed, which with two small children is not exactly piece of cake; I missed working out and my daily routine.

Nonetheless, it was definitely worth it: I love my new physical appearance and especially my belly.

My abdominoplasty has not only removed the accumulation of excess skin, but also all the stretch marks. Hence, the benefit was twofold and we killed two birds with one stone.

As for the scars, I have two: one next to the navel, which has healed very quickly, and another in the lower abdomen, which is clearing and is completely symmetrical. The latter is easy to hide under the swimming costume or underwear, so I hardly remember it.

Have you used suitable post-surgical garments? Were they recommended by your surgeon?

Yes, the surgeon immediately warned me that for the postoperative recovery it would be essential to always wear compression garments in order not to jeopardise the results of the surgery. I have researched a lot on the Internet, and there was huge consensus on wearing them.

When it comes to diastasis recti, its postoperative recovery is very delicate, so choosing the right garment was more important than ever. In the clinic, they directly provided me with a Revée abdominal binder. I had read that the company enjoys an excellent reputation in the sector, and now I understand why: I am extremely satisfied with this garment’s materials, comfort and level of compression.

In order not to be without it while I was washing it, I immediately bought a second identical binder. This guarantees adequate compression 24/7, as advised by the doctor.

What abdominal binder did you actually use after the abdominoplasty?

The abdominal binder they gave me at the clinic was the postoperative Revée® Binder. This model is available in two different heights, to best fit each body. I chose the 32-cm one, for example. It is easy to adjust and put on thanks to the double-flap system on the abdomen. Its compression has always seemed optimal to me, and the results clearly confirm it! The advantage of this binder is that it is latex free, which is key for me as I am allergic to it.

Another important aspect is that its materials are very breathable, so even in summer they never made me sweat. I had been wearing this postoperative binder for three months without interruption after the surgery and, in the three months afterwards, only when working out.

I am so fond of it that it will be almost traumatic to train without my Revée binder!

How long did your postoperative recovery last?

When asked about it, I always recall my first 5-km walk one month after the surgery. Then, I kept on increasing the distances and, around three months after my abdominoplasty, I gradually started running again. As I said before, I always wore my abdominal Revée Binder during my workouts to avoid problems and to make sure that my diastasis recti wouldn’t come back knocking on my door. However, I avoided putting too much pressure on the abdominal area during my training sessions for about 5-6 months until my doctor and my physiotherapist confirmed that my diastasis had completely disappeared and that I was as good as new. In other words, the postoperative recovery was fast and smooth.

Postoperative abdominal binder

Rachel, do you have any advice for other mothers who, like you, consider an abdominoplasty?

Gladly. The first important advice for those considering undergoing a tummy tuck is undoubtedly to rely on a surgeon who is specialized in this type of surgery. This was my conclusion after researching a lot on the Internet and consulting various doctors until I found the right one.

Secondly, I recommend paying close attention to your postoperative recovery without underestimating its importance. I know of many patients who didn’t follow the doctor’s recommendations and who partially compromised the results obtained with the surgery. In this sense, it’s essential to wear compression garments as long as indicated by your doctor.

As the scars, I used a specific silicone gel of the same brand: Revée Scar Gel, again as suggested by my surgeon. I have to say that the scarring process has gone well, and that the scars have healed much better than I thought.

Scar gel

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