9 November 2020




Thomas, 34, talks about the discomfort of gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is a problematic hormonal phenomenon that affects more and more men nowadays. It is characterised by the increase of breast tissue, so its removal has become a very common plastic surgery procedure.

Thomas, 34, also found himself in this situation and kindly accepted to share his experience with us before and after undergoing this surgery.

Thomas, what symptoms of gynecomastia did you notice? Are you aware of the cause? 

I have to say that for a long time I didn’t even realize it was a problem. My lifestyle was not healthy at all, I was very overweight, and my genetic predisposition certainly had an impact, too. I became aware that it was an issue only when I started to lose weight. I started to work out and lose a lot of weight, but the “fat” on my chest stayed there, as unattractive as usual.

How did you find out that there is a solution to solve this problem?

Initially, I believed it was just a matter of exercising and losing weight, so I trained more frequently and improved my diet significantly to that end. It was then my girlfriend —who is a gym trainer with good anatomical knowledge— the one who figured out that this was a case of gynecomastia —i.e. the enlargement of the mammary gland—, and that the only way to solve it would be a plastic surgery.

Who did you talk to about your gynecomastia? 

At first, only with my girlfriend; not an extremely pleasant experience, I must say! Then, over time, I heard that a friend of mine had also experienced the same, and I asked him for some advice. Immediately afterwards, I made an appointment with the doctor, who examined my case in detail.

According to what criteria did you choose the clinic? Was there any aspect that worried you?

The clinic was recommended to me by this acquaintance of mine that had already undergone the same surgery. The centre had good reviews; plus, I had a great impression when talking with the surgeon via e-mail. Although I was concerned about the post-operative recovery, the healing times and the uncertainty of the final result, I was absolutely determined to undergo the surgery; you can say I was actually even looking forward to it!

How long did the surgery last? Was the postoperative recovery painful?

The surgery is performed with general anaesthesia and lasts a couple of hours. Before the operation, the plastic surgeon explained in detail how the procedure would be carried out. The agreed decision was to perform a liposuction, remove the mammary glands, and then reshape the outer part of the chest. After the surgery, I didn’t actually experience any pain or other discomforts.

How was the postoperative care?

Immediately after the surgery was over, the operated area was covered with a classic bandage. At first everything was fine, but after a few days in the bandaged area I had a fairly annoying skin irritation. Looking on the Internet, my girlfriend found Revée, a leading company that manufactures post-surgical garments. I immediately purchased a specific garment for men that have undergone a gynecomastia surgery.

What was your experience with this gynecomastia garment and how long did you wear it? 

This postoperative compression corset  was very useful after the surgery to heal completely, and it allowed me to return to work almost immediately. This garment exerts a compressive effect on the abdominal area, but at the same time gives a pleasant feeling of comfort and safety. This is why I eventually wore it longer than strictly necessary.

How would you rate the result? Would you repeat the experience? 

I couldn’t be happier with the result. The difference is very clear, both looking at me in person and at the pictures the doctor took before and after the surgery. This operation has certainly helped me to achieve greater self-esteem, which is why I would not think twice about doing it again.

What would you recommend to men who have gynecomastia problems?

I would tell them not to be afraid, to find a specialist, and to undergo the surgery as soon as possible in order to prevent their gynecomastia from becoming more serious.
Based on my personal experience and the results I have seen on myself, I can assure you that it is definitely worth it! 

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