30 December 2019



There are specially designed compression pgarments for patients who have undergone liposuction due to lymphatic problems in lower limbs. The big advantage is not just their modified cut, which takes into account different parameters, but also specially modified hems at the top and base of legs. Thanks to this carefully modified design, the garment makes a light pressure in the posterior area of ​​the ankle where liposuction is generally more aggressive, Lipo Revée ® REV.0109 is very comfortable companion not only during the postoperative phase.

Find out more visit >> New Revée® garment for lipoedema “designed according to the precious indications of the MD. Agostino Bruno Plastic Surgeon Rome – Italy.



In this section we answer all the questions you might have regarding garments' compression and our silicone gel to treat scars.

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Revée offers a wide range of postoperative compression garments to ensure the right level of compression, without sacrificing comfort or beauty. Trust our know-how.

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