20 May 2018




We are pleased to announce that, after months of research, we have launched the new Revée® Scar Gel.

What is Revée® Scar Gel? It is a transparent and 100%-medical-grade silicone gel. It is recommended to treat scars due to surgeries, Revée Scar Gel for scarsburns and other injuries, because it dries quickly and helps maintain proper skin hydration. It has been shown that the use of medical silicon flattens, softens and smooths scars, relieves the pain, itching and discomfort associated with them, as well as making the redness of the scar tissue less pronounced. Revée® Scar Gel is easily applicable on all skin surfaces, including face, breast, joints, and body parts stressed by movement; it dries quickly, creating a transparent film.

It should be applied for about three months after wound closure. Follow the instructions of your doctor carefully.

We are sure that the name Revée® will increasingly become a reference for the postoperative recovery.

New useful information is constantly published, so come back and visit us soon to stay tuned!

Thank you for choosing us.

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