7 January 2021




Dr. Federico Cipriani, plastic surgeon between Pisa and Bologna (Italy), talks about the importance of postoperative bras based on his experience.

After any breast surgery, the key secret of postoperative care is a post-op bra.

Bras to be used after breast augmentation and reduction surgeries, or even after breast reconstructions, must be specific and designed to ensure the best possible result.

Contrary to the common belief, classic sports bras are often not suitable for a correct recovery of a breast that has just undergone surgery. This is why you should always rely on companies specialized in the sector.

postoperative bra
Revée postoperative bra

The main characteristics that we surgeons look for when recommending a postoperative bra are:

  • The type of fabrics, which must be strictly hypoallergenic.
  • A good level of compression and containment of the operated area to prevent any haematomas and seromas, as well as to keep breast implants or the mammary gland in place.
  • The breathability of the materials to facilitate wound healing.
  • The absence of wires or seams, which, in addition to causing problems during the healing period of surgical wounds, could affect the scar result.
  • The possibility of closing it in the front, so that it’s easier to put on and avoid moving the arms too much at the beginning.
  • The right width of shoulder straps to increase patient comfort.

Bras should generally be used 24/7 for 30 days after surgery. For this reason, even small details become important, such as comfort, ease of use and, why not, also the model design —which in many cases can be continued to be worn once after recovery to practice sports.


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