Revée® with LYCRA® BEAUTY
The Science of Shaping™

Designed for state-of-the-art shaping, LYCRA® BEAUTY fibre is the secret ingredient of these fabrics. They are specifically developed to offer a make-up effect of the silhouette, without sacrificing comfort and body modelling.

This technology has been designed to satisfy the growing demand for a product that supports the body and models its shapes, without compromising its freedom of movement.



Our postoperative elastic compression garment guarantees an effective homogeneous and constant compression action when walking initially after an arm surgery. It effectively reduces bruising and swelling, while allowing epidermal tissues to gradually settle. This favours proper subcutaneous healing and prevents laxity and irregularities. The shiny part of the fabric inside makes it easier for the arm-lift garment Revée Sleeves to slide when putting it on. It is also very convenient for healthcare operators, who will help you dress directly in the operating room once the surgery is finished.

The exclusive double adjustment system placed at the height of the forearm avoids the classic “lace” effect affecting traditional arm garments.

It’s the doctor who should take care of the measurement, the selection of the correct size, as well as deciding the duration of use based on the type of surgery. This duration is usually of a couple of weeks. For the best postoperative results, the arm garment Revée Sleeves should be worn day and night. The velcro closure on the back allows several adjustment possibilities and makes it easier to put it on, while ensuring correct compression.


For a better postoperative recovery after a gynecomastia or flank liposuction, we recommend buying two garments of the right size. To avoid interrupting the compressive therapy for too long, it is advisable to have a second garment of the correct size available to replace the other.

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Revée offers a wide range of postoperative compression garments to ensure the right level of compression, without sacrificing comfort or beauty. Trust our know-how.

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