Breathable, comfortable and contoured, equipped with four adjustable velcro closures, flexible paravertebral splinting, high-restraint elastic fabric, and adjustable 2.5-cm shoulder straps.

Why you should use Revée® sternal and thoracic support:

1. External thoracic support.
Constant support on the sternum.

2. Positive effect on the entire recovery process of the patient.
Improvements in sternal stability, pain management, ease of breathing, comfort, patient’s functions, ability in carrying out activities and exercise.

3. Fewer deep infections in the sternal wound.
Constant and stable external support on the chest and the breastbone.

4. Lower lobes of the lungs and the upper abdominal area are kept free.
Deep breathing without restrictions and increased comfort.

6. Aid for the internal closure of the breastbone.
Higher chance of optimal sternal alignment.

7. Unparalleled comfort.
Adjustable tension with the possibility of loosening or tightening the belt and adapting it to the needs of the surgeon. Contoured in the armpits for better comfort.

8. Important additional treatment for a full recovery.
Aid for mobilisation and movement of upper limbs, increasing the blood supply and stimulating the healing of the fractured sternum.

9. Key psychological help that allows patients to control their own recovery.
Increased self-accountability of patients for the sternum protection and wound care after discharge.

10. Suitable also after undergoing a surgery of gynecomastia or reconstruction of the pectoral region.


To avoid interrupting for too long the compressive therapy after an abdominoplasty, it is advisable to have a second compression garment of the correct size available to replace the other.

Multiple traumas with lung injury

The first application will be performed by a qualified technician. The closure is positioned in the chest section to facilitate dressing operations.

For a longer life of the product, it is advisable to respect the following washing instructions:

- hand wash in water at 30 °C with neutral soap or detergent
- rinse thoroughly
- do not wring
- leave to dry horizontally
- do not iron

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