The Revée® Bra Elodie should be worn for about a month after a breast augmentation or reduction surgery, prosthetic replacement, mastopexy, oncoplasty, and quadrantectomy. Revée Bra Elodie was conceived in collaboration with Soraia Bruschi and Prof. Stefano Bruschi, Chief Director at the Plastic Surgery University of Turin (Italy).

 The seamless Revée Bra Elodie —which is indicated for the postoperative recovery after a mastoplasty— has a sporty look, and perfectly adapts to the new breast, enhancing its beauty. Thanks to the particular characteristics of the material, the bra cups self-mold and perfectly adapt themselves in case of breast asymmetry. It is also useful during pregnancy, since cups can perfectly support breast growth. Once the compression period is over, use it for your sports activities (e.g. gym, jogging, yoga, pilates, etc.). Revée® Bra Elodie and Laetitia can be easily and comfortably worn in the postoperative recovery after a mastoplasty, thanks to the closures on the front and on the shoulder straps.



For a better postoperative recovery, buying two bras is recommended. To avoid interrupting the compressive therapy for too long, it is advisable to have a second bra of the correct size available to replace the other.

MYTH TO DEBUNK: After a breast augmentation surgery, wearing a sports bra is enough.

As the name clearly suggests, the sports bra is suitable for sports, since it offers the correct support for the breast during physical exercise. Yet, after undergoing a surgery with the insertion of breast implants/expander, it is necessary to ensure a correct compression therapy until the prostheses have fully stabilised and the healing process has been successful, in the doctor’s opinion. These requirements cannot be achieved with a sports bra.

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