17 May 2022




The Company from Turin, specialized in innovative solutions for the post-op, launched the Revée “Sun/care” 50+ sunscreen that provides SPF 50+ protection and it is recommended to protect scars. 

The sunscreen completes the range of products developed for a better comfort of the patient and to optimize the result, often starting from specific surgeons’ demands.

«The goal of Revée “Sun/care” 50+ sunscreen is twofold – explains Stefano Borgia, CEO of Revée provides a very high double sun protection alta and protects scar from solar rays. Moreover, this high tolerance product thanks to its composition is also completely unscented».

revee sun/care

Its formula dermatologically tested, makes it suitable for any skin kind from mixed to oily. Furthermore, it is nickel tested, gluten free and it has an antioxidant action in addition to being rich and nourishing. Applying the lotion is easy and it consents a protection of the whole body, avoiding the eye contour, from solar rays both before and after swimming, with a very resistant formula water resistant. Revée “Sun/care” 50+ è can be purchased online on the Company e-commerce at a cost of 37 euros in the 75 ml format and also soon available in pharmacy and healthcare facilities.

«The skin protection during sun exposition is always important, but for people who have undergone a surgical operation is essential – continues Borgia – We thought about projecting a product that is also an adjunct with Revée Scar Gel our gel 100% silicone for hypertrophic scars and keloid treatment and prevention».

Ultraviolet light exposition may in fact worsen the condition of scars. «New scars (still pink and healing) are highly vulnerable to UV rays and are easily prone to sunburn – justifies Borgia – Our Company works constantly alongside doctors and patients to find innovative solutions to ensure people who underwent surgery can return to normality without deprivations». 

Try to get tanned to hide a scar is never a good idea and it will probably make it even more visible. The sunscreen Revée “Sun/care” 50+is a versatile product also suitable for those who underwent surgery and doesn’t want to miss out on a sun exposure. The scar tissue is delicate and has needs that this sunscreen lotion can fulfil.
«During the first year from surgery there are undoubtedly necessary special treatments for scars – concludes the CEO – Before leaving home, it is good to make sure that the scar is protected with a wide range of sunscreen. The ideal choice is 50+ just like Revée Sun/care».

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