After every plastic surgery, the surgeons always recommend wearing elastic compression garments —e.g. bra, abdominal binders, belts, etc.— for 3-4 weeks in the postoperative recovery.

The postoperative liposuction garments have been designed to offer patients a higher comfort and optimized results, very often based on the specific requests of their plastic surgeons.

During the pre-surgery consultation, it is always recommendable that the surgeon indicate the suitable garment for your surgery. You should buy two pieces of each so that you can change them during the post-surgery checks.

Why is it essential to wear a postoperative garment?

  1. After the liposuction surgery, a virtual gap is created between the skin and the muscle in the space previously occupied by the fat tissue. A postoperative garment reduces this space preventing blood (haematomas) and inflammatory fluids (seromas) from depositing in that area.
  2. A compression garment significantly improves postoperative lymphatic drainage by removing pro-inflammatory fluids from the operated areas.
  3. It reduces the tensions at the edges of surgical wounds and improves the quality of scars.
  4. Furthermore, it allows the skin to firmly settle on the underlying tissues and to physiologically retract. This way it improves the result pursued by the surgery.
  5. Postoperative garments highlight the patient’s silhouette right after the surgery.

Quality and selection of materials

The materials used for our postoperative compressive garments are very different from the ones used for traditional clothes. Elastic compression garments are made with a technology ensuring that the patient receive maximum compression in the treated areas.


It is recommended to buy a liposuction garment before undergoing the surgery. This is because you will need to wear it right after it in the operating room in order to limit the inflammatory process.

Postoperative garments play an active role in the final result of a cosmetic surgery and are a key element for the success of the procedure. This explains why you need to wear them in the month after the surgery. Always follow the instructions of your doctor carefully.


The final result does not depend only on the surgery itself, but also on the correct compression received afterwards with a postoperative compression bra.
Wearing a low-quality bra can negatively affect the final results of the surgery.
Opting for an inadequate model can also cause breast asymmetry.

Choosing the right garment —in this case, the compression bra— should not be underestimated. All REVÉE® bras have been designed for maximum comfort and effectiveness.


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Revée offers a wide range of postoperative compression garments to ensure the right level of compression, without sacrificing comfort or beauty. Trust our know-how.

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